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Hi! I’m Wendy, and I’m here to bring you cozy mysteries!

I enjoy writing and relaxing in the cozy, country home I share with my husband, 4 kid-things (Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4, respectively), fluff-monster dog, and three adorable, fluffernutter kitties.

Sometimes you will find me sitting by the water (but never in it). I’m passionate about Christian mission work, travelling, birding, BBC mysteries, droppies (Dutch salted-licorice candies), potatoes, decaf earl grey tea, and Harry Potter.

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Anna Loan-Wilsey – A Lack of Temperance (A Hattie Davis Mystery)

Anna Loan-Wilsey – A Lack of Temperance (A Hattie Davis Mystery)

Time to break out the spring flowers. 💮 ⁠⁠Looking forward to reading the cozy mystery, "A Lack of Temperance" by Anna Loan-Wilsey. It looks so good! And yes - I'm judging a book by it's gorgeous cover. 😺⁠⁠Here's the blurb:⁠⁠"From Anna Loan-Wilsey comes the first...

Ask Mrs. Merrick… How Do I Find Mr. Right?

Ask Mrs. Merrick… How Do I Find Mr. Right?

This week’s question… Dear Mrs. Merrick, What should I look for when choosing a spouse?   Dear Reader, My granddaughter, Cassie, can drive me batty. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love her. In fact, she’s my favourite. And don’t roll your eyes. I’m too old to...


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It’s easy to forget what a blessing it is to live in North America, with all the wealth and freedom.

I believe one of the reasons God gave our nations so much, is so we can help the needy in other parts of the world. Nations where people walk three miles to get a bucket of dirty water. Nations where something as simple as diarrhea claims lives on a regular basis. Nations where the name of Jesus is unknown to most. 

Help me help others by supporting my work. A portion of my writing profits go to organizations that focus on bringing physical, emotional and spiritual hope to those who need it. Here are three of those organizations:

Gospel for Asia

World Hope

Compassion Canada

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