Why did I limit describing my sources of inspiration to only two posts? There are endless possibilities! It’s impossible to list them all. But further to my last post, part one of this series, here are three more ways I receive inspiration for writing:


1. Places

I love to travel. My recent blog post Inspiration from Europe shares a few photos. Really, all the other categories fall into this one. It’s just a great way to expand on those.

Yes, there are places and people and nature close to where I am that inspire me, but how much more is there overseas in Europe? Or down in the Caribbean? Anyway you look at it, travel is inspirational.


2. Things

This is another good source of inspiration for me. It’s one of the reasons my work space is full of castle, fairy, dragon and bird replicas.

I once found a fairy in a store while writing Tales of Evergreen. I knew in an instant it was my protagonist, Konstancia.

When I wrote Timeless, an old, black Bible sat on my desk.

I’m very visual, so I love how things on my desktop help immerse me into my writing world.

Someday, I’ll get that pet dragon and write the best book ever. For now, my cats spur me on (just don’t tell anyone I listed them under ‘things’ and not ‘relationships’). 

This one slays dragons:


3. God/Prayer

I left this for last, not because it’s insignificant, but because it goes without saying.

Everything I’ve ever written has been inspired by God. Ultimately, He puts the things, the relationships, the people and nature in my path to inspire me. Some of my best scenes and scripts have come to me after I’ve devoted time to Him in prayer.

I continue to learn, work and strive to be the best writer I can be so I can honour Him with the gift he’s given me.

God is, without doubt, the ultimate source of inspiration. I hope you will let Him be yours, too.


Although it’s far from a comprehensive list, I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into what spurs on my imagination.