Welcome to WendyHeuvel.com! I hope you like the new website.

Now that my four kids are older, I’m back to my desk and working on a new project! I’ve really missed writing so it’s been great to get back to creating with words.

My latest project is called The Wall of Erith. It’s a young adult dystopian novel. The main character is a girl named Iona, or Isobel, or Lexy – I’m still trying to decide on the ‘one’ that feels right. Do any other writers take as much, or more, time naming their characters as they did their own children???

Let’s go with Iona for now. Here is the synopsis:

“Iona’s brother is dying and the Old Religion isn’t helping. When she finds out her mother is alive, but has been banished from the protected city of Erith, Iona risks her status and her life to venture into the world of the Outsiders as a last hope to save him. What awaits is an even more awful and dangerous poverty-stricken land than she ever imagined. Now she’s risked exposure and has to face consequences she never dreamed of.”

With all things new, I thought it best to update the website as well! This time around, I’m doing something a bit new. I’m going to blog twice a month here, and send out newsletter updates about what I’m doing. Please sign up so you can stay in touch!