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WENDY HEUVEL is Canadian by birth, Dutch by blood, and British by heart. As a child, she actively read every Nancy Drew book she could find and regularly watched Murder, She Wrote and British mysteries with her dad. Her love of mystery had her frequently knocking on walls in old houses, searching for passageways and cases to solve.

Her current adventure consists of residing on 26 wooded acres with her husband, four kids (Things 1, 2, 3, &4), three floofy kitties, and one monster dog. She’s passionate about Christian mission work, world travelling, birding, and eating potatoes.




  • Wendy solved the Rubik’s cube when she was eight years old, but now can’t even remember what she went in the next room for.
  • She believes if things are numbered, or lettered, they should be in order.
  • If things aren’t numbered or lettered, they should still be in order.
  • She likes things in order.
  • Her cats have more nicknames than her kids.
  • She has Sensory Processing Disorder, which means her brain over-processes the senses. She sees brighter, hears louder, smells things others can’t, and is very sensitive to touch. These are her superpowers. They are also her Kryptonite. And yes, she just told you how to defeat her.
  • Her veins are very close to the surface and she’s used them as road maps.
  • She’s using the corner of her bedroom as an office, until she can figure out how to successfully bribe one of her children to give up their bedroom for office space.



  • in 2008, Wendy was one of six nominees for the 2008 Christian Writers’ Guild ‘Canada’s Best New Christian Author’ award for a young adult fantasy novel. 
  • She’s written a number of screenplays, one of which earned her the designation of a top-twelve finalist in Art Within Labs Screenplay Competition in 2008. She’s taken numerous courses and classes about screenwriting, and she’d love to see her words come to life on the big screen.
  • Wendy’s had numerous articles published in magazines, newspapers, and on the internet, and has years of business copy writing experience.
  • She’s also written hundreds of drama shorts, and a full-length feature play.
  • She blogged over at Basic Abundance for a time about minimalism and simplicity, until four kids made life busy and un-simple.


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