Release date: August 4th.

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Welcome to Banford, where townsfolk are family, tea is hot, and murder is inevitable…

Cassie Bridgestone’s life is simple. Along with running her country décor shop, she loves to cuddle her cat, sip tea, attend church, and watch birds.

But then, things go awry.

First, the handsome but mysterious Daniel opens a bookstore in her building and challenges her to face long-buried feelings about her previous relationship.

Then, a friendly fishing tournament turns deadly and her friend is accused of murder, throwing Cassie’s world into a tailspin she might never recover from.

Unless she finds the real killer.

But the folks in Banford have secrets. Secrets they’ll do anything to protect, including bringing Cassie’s life to a quick and surreptitious end.


“…I was definitely impressed by what I hope will be a long running new cozy series that mixes faith, small town charm, and a little bit of murder.” – The Crime Librarian

Fishers of Menace is a cozy mystery with a sweet heroine, a lovely small-town setting, and a fishy mystery that will keep readers guessing.” – Laura K., Copy Editor, Red Adept Editing

“Cozy mystery says it all! Definitely a cozy book to curl up with! Wish I could jump right into the book and meet the characters, shop at the stores, and be apart of this wonderful town! The mystery part is down to earth, fun and an enjoyable read as the plot unravelled.” – Candice (Goodreads)

“Fishers of Menace has it all … down to the cuddly kitty. Curl up with a blanket and Wendy Heuvel’s whodunit. And brace yourself—this is a doozie.” – Robin (Goodreads)

“A fun story! Kept driving me forward to see ‘whodunnit’!”   Roger (Goodreads) 



Release date: October 6th.

This page includes paid links.


Ablazing Grace – Book #2 in the Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series by Wendy Heuvel







Completed Manuscripts

The Wall of Erith

Young Adult Dystopian

In a flooded, dystopian world, where technology and electronics no longer exist due to a solar flare, sixteen-year-old Mayah will do anything to save her dying brother. When she discovers her mother is alive, but has been banished from the protected city of Erith, Mayah ventures into the dangerous world of the Outsiders to gather her mother’s essence as a last hope for a cure. Distracted by a handsome stranger, pursued by evil priestesses, and confronted with continual danger, Mayah’s list of betrayers grows. Attempting to survive, she risks her life – and her faith.


The Tales of Evergreen: The Dark Forest 

(Top 6 Finalist, 2009 Christian Writers’ Guild ‘Canada’s Best New Christian Author award)

Middle Grade Fantasy

Enticed by an evil, yet beautiful sprite from the Dark Forest, Impunus dares to cross the hovering fairy ring that protects the wood fairies of Blackberry Hollow from Belal and the wickedness lurking in the rest of the land of Evergreen.  On a quest to bring Impunus home, his friend Konstancia is captured. Now King Scion must lead an army of wood fairies beyond the ring and into battle, on a rescue mission for one of their own.  What ensues is an adventure that will test the wood fairies in love, hope, faith and forgiveness.

Completed Screenplays


A Bible survies through generations as people around the globe live and die for the treasure it beholds. A short film script.


(Top 12 Finalist, Art Within Labs Screenplay Competition in 2008)

A young paleontologist fights for the truth – and her life – after uncovering human and dinosaur fossils buried together. 

The Lost Tomb

A Biblical archaeologist seeks to mend the relationship with his estranged daughter during a dangerous expedition to find Alexander the Great’s tomb before his nemesis.

The Tales of Evergreen: The Dark Forest

Same as above, but the screenplay version.

Love Incognito

While reluctantly disguised as a waitress in a small country town to prepare for a film role, an Oscar-aspiring actress happens upon more than she anticipated.


The first three episodes of a teen drama focused on the angst of youth group members at Fallbrook Church.

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

A short film about a Christian woman who struggles with her self-worth until God shows her the truth through a visionary look at His creation. This film was produced.

Blessings Café

A full-length play about the emotional consequences of abortion and how God’s mercy overcomes.

“Moving and thought-provoking…” Chris Stesky, Brockville Recorder & Times

“You will not see a better written, better acted, better produced play…” Rev. Stuart Marples

“The story is so true-to-life. It is simple and believable and overwhelmingly clear…” Patron



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