Easter Eggs in Movies | Easter Eggs in Books

What’s an Easter Egg Guide? It’s a guide to secrets and other hidden things in a book, video game or movie. Things most people wouldn’t notice, or things purposely hidden by the author or director.

Some famous Easter Eggs include:

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark – in one of the scenes, Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) hold up a gold artifact. On this artifact, mixed among other pictographs, is small outline of C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars (another Harrison Ford film). 

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J.K. Rowling) – In this book, Professor Slughorn accidentally calls Ron, ‘Rupert’. Rupert Grint is the name of the actor who plays Ron in the movie versions of Harry Potter.

3. Through the Looking Glass (Lewis Carroll) – In this sequel to the famous Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Carroll includes an acrostic poem. The first letters of each line in this poem spell the name ‘Alice Pleasance Liddell’, the real-life inspiration for Alice in the books.

4. Stephen King novels – King has been known to have characters (even minor ones) show up in other books he’s written. This is one I can’t vouch for – there’s a reason I write ‘cozy’ mysteries. I can’t handle King’s genre, though I understand he’s a master at it.

5. Fishers of Menace (Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series – Book #1) (Wendy Heuvel) So maybe this one’s not famous, but there are lots of Easter Eggs in this book and in the fictional cozy village of Banford. You can get access to the full list only in The Secret Vault. It’s ready now!

I hope you enjoyed this list of Easter Eggs. And don’t forget, you can order your own copy of FISHERS OF MENACE here.