cozy mystery audiobook

Did you know you can get Fishers of Menace in audio book format? Listen to the first book in the Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series today!

I’m so excited! It’s narrated by Sheila McLey and let me tell you – she’s wonderful! The voices she puts to the characters, and the way she narrates about the town of Banford, really brings it to life!

Here’s the blurb for Fishers of Menace:

Welcome to Banford, where townsfolk are family, tea is hot, and murder is inevitable.

Cassie Bridgestone’s life is simple. Along with running her country décor shop, she loves to cuddle her cat, sip tea, attend church, and watch birds.

But then, things go awry.

First, the handsome but mysterious Daniel opens a bookstore in her building and challenges her to face long-buried feelings about her previous relationship.

Then, a friendly fishing tournament turns deadly and her friend is accused of murder, throwing Cassie’s world into a tailspin she might never recover from.

Unless she finds the real killer.

But the folks in Banford have secrets. Secrets they’ll do anything to protect, including bringing Cassie’s life to a quick and surreptitious end.

Get it here.