This cozy mystery looks so fun!⁠

“Stirring up Strife (A Hope Street Church Mystery)” by Jennifer Stanley.⁠

Here’s the blurb:⁠

“WELCOME TO THE HOPE STREET CHURCH…where good folks study The Good Book, but everyone loves a good mystery!⁠

Cooper Lee can repair a copy machine—but can she repair her life? ⁠

That’s one of the many Big Questions that lead this newly single Richmond girl to Sunrise Bible Study at the Hope Street Church. ⁠

Cooper hasn’t attended church in ages, but after getting dumped by her long-time boyfriend—and moving in with her family—she could use some new friends, and a new outlook on life. ⁠

Happily, the members of the Bible group are anything but cookie-cutter, which suits Cooper just fine. There’s a blind folk artist, a playboy meteorologist, an investment banker with a sweet tooth, an ambitious realtor, and a cute shy web designer who just might be “the one” for Cooper. ⁠

But the member of Hope Street Church who invited Cooper to join this motley crew—an office worker who got her wedding ring stuck in a copier—is something else altogether: ⁠

She’s dead And her husband is suspected of murder!⁠

The Sunrise gang jumps into action, vowing to solve this unholy mess—with God’s guidance—and Cooper’s snooping…⁠

Includes heavenly recipes from Mrs. Lee’s kitchen!”⁠