Release day is here! Welcome to the world, Pray Without Deceasing. I’m excited about this one. I think you’re really going to like it!

cozy mystery new release

Welcome to springtime in Banford, where tulips are blooming, birds are singing, and funerals are toxic…

Cassie Bridgestone’s life couldn’t be more perfect. She has great friends, her own store, and she’s engaged to Daniel, a wonderful, God-fearing man. Together, they’re renovating the mansion of her dreams.

But a disagreement makes Cassie wonder if Daniel might not be the man she thought he was. And before they can work things out, she discovers a body in a shocking scenario.

The evidence points to an accidental death, but Cassie’s gut tells her there’ s more to the story. To make things worse, a new cop in town is doing his best to suppress the truth and control Brent, the current community officer, and Cassie’ s friend.

Now it’s up to Cassie to unravel the mystery, save Brent’s job, and try and work things out with Daniel at the same time.

Before she becomes the guest of honor at the next funeral.

Return to the cozy town of Banford in the fifth book of the Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series by bestselling author Wendy Heuvel.