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Are you looking to get hooked on a new cozy mystery show? Check out these awesome cozy mysteries you can stream.

Last week, we learned what a cozy mystery is. But thankfully, these wonderful stories aren’t limited to books. There are plenty of wonderful cozy mystery television shows out there.

Here’s a list of five favourites:


1. Father Brown

Father Brown, portrayed by actor Mark Williams, is definitely a family fave.

Father Brown is a mystery-solving priest, aided by his proper secretary, a wealthy parishioner, and her questionable chauffeur. Like any good cozy mystery show, the town is cozy, the sleuths are interesting, and the banter is witty.

The show premise is based on stories by G.K. Chesterton.


2. Shakespeare and Hathaway

Although technically the leads in this show are private investigators, I’m including it as a cozy mystery because Lu, the Shakespeare half of the team, starts out as an amateur sleuth – and all other aspects of the show fit the cozy genre.

It’s so fun!

Frank, a washed up inspector now running his own detective agency, is a great contrast to fancy Lu and her extroverted ways. Her outfits add a bright spot (literally) to ever show, and the aspiring actor office assistant is an absolute hoot. 


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3. Rosemary & Thyme

Two women gardeners solve murders as they dig their way through flower beds across Europe. This show deserved more seasons than it ran.

The mysteries are smart, the sleuths work well together, and the show is clean enough to watch with children (another reason cozy mystery shows are a hit in our house).

And thankfully, there’s no need to have a green thumb to enjoy this mystery series.


4. Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

Candace Cameron Bure portrays a librarian and member of the Real Murders club – a group of townsfolk who gather together to study old murder cases, and often solve current ones.

This isn’t a television series, but rather a list of movies based on the books by Charlaine Harris.

They often air on the Hallmark Mystery Channel, but as it doesn’t air in Canada, I’ve been able to find them in our library system.

Definitely worth a look.


5. Murder She Wrote

What cozy mystery television series list would be complete without the likes of Jessica Fletcher?

I was so pleased to find old episodes of this show streaming on Amazon Prime. It’s been long enough that I don’t remember who did it, and my children get to enjoy them for the first time. It doesn’t hurt that Jessica is a mystery writer, either.

I’m partial to that profession. 😉


I hope you enjoy these five cozy mystery shows and find something new and fun (or old and reminiscent) from this list.

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