Appropriate title, considering I had to use a photo editor to remove the shadows in this photo. 😼⁠

Have you read any of the Guideposts “Secrets of the Blue Hill Library” books by Emily Thomas? This is the second book in the series. ⁠

Isn’t the cover gorgeous? I love that this series is hardcover.⁠

Here’s the blurb: ⁠

“Anne has stumbled upon an incredible discovery from Aunt Edie’s private historical book collection: an antique map of Pennsylvania with evidence that it could have been used by Lewis and Clark! ⁠

Is the map legitimate, and if so, how did Aunt Edie manage to come across such a valuable artifact? ⁠

Meanwhile, Anne’s son, Ben, has been acting odd as of late; he leaves home for extended periods of time, but always immediately comes home when Anne calls him. ⁠

What is he hiding? ⁠

Find out in Shadows of the Past, the exciting second book in the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library series!”