Is there still snow on the ground where you are? Our yard is surrounded by towering evergreens, so even though most of the people on our road are without snow, we still have some that lingers.⁠

So it’s appropriate then, to post one more book with a snowy theme! This is actually a three-book set of the Ivy Towers mysteries, by one of my favourite Christian authors, Nancy Mehl.⁠

Here’s the blurb for book one, “In the Dead of Winter”⁠

“Samantha “Ivy” Towers returns to Winter Break, Kansas, where she spent her summers as a child, to make funeral arrangements for her Aunt Bitty. ⁠

While there, she begins to suspect her aunt’s death, which resulted from a fall in her bookshop, wasn’t an accident after all. ⁠

Childhood friend Amos Parker, now sheriff of Winter Break, seems anxious to get Ivy out of town. ⁠

A missing book, a message scrawled by an unknown person, and an extra coffee cup leave Ivy with more questions than answers.”⁠