Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series | Wendy Heuvel

It’s here! Yay! Have you been waiting to find out what happens to Cassie’s love life and what new mystery she gets wrapped up in? Today’s the day you get to find out! Get Faith, Rope, and Love here. Available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover formats.

Welcome to Valentine’s Day in Banford, where snow is drifting, love is in the air, and murder is rediscovered.

Cassie Bridgestone isn’t ready for Valentine’s Day – not with a recent breakup stinging her heart, and the alluring Daniel tempting her to move on.

So, when Cassie and Daniel stumble across the skeleton of a woman murdered in the sixties, Cassie can’t resist diving into the mystery to discover where love went wrong all those years ago. What better way to keep her mind off love in the present?

But things prove difficult as Cassie deals with a haunted house, faded memories, and suspects who are no longer alive.

Yet, someone is determined to keep the past buried and forgotten. Can Cassie bring the truth into the open before she suffers the same fate?

Revisit the cozy village of Banford with the fourth book in the Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series by Wendy Heuvel.

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