Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery Series | Wendy Heuvel

Wow! Faith, Rope & Love came out two days ago, and the reviews are coming in! I’m so excited! Look what people are saying about this Valentine’s cozy mystery. Here are a few comments from readers:

“What a Valentines Day. Love, Snow and Murder. Absolutely loved this adorable book that brightened my day.” Jackie

“I really enjoy this series and I loved this book. This is a fast paced and highly entertaining book. Banford is a great setting and I appreciate the fact that Cassie, our protagonist, puts her faith above all else. This book and series are just refreshing.” Betty

“I love the way the author seamlessly works faith and trusting the Lord into the everyday life of Cassie, and the growth in faith we see in her! These characters are all down to earth, believable people and the storyline reflects the way life unfolds, with its surprises and stumbles. A delightful Christian novel which makes you ready to read more!” Alice

Get Faith, Rope & Love here.